How Digifair Note Works for Supplier

How It Work fo Supplier Cover
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Sign up using Facebook, Apple-ID, Google or your e-mail. To download the app, go to the App Store or Google Play.

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Define your Profile

Choose your profile. You can be a buyer and/or a supplier of: apparel, fabrics, trims or services.

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You can search for products and inspirations on your feed using specific words.

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Select up to 12 filters to facilitate your search, considering from characteristics to product origin.

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Your Homepage is made of search tools at the top, the feed in the middle and the menu at the bottom.

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Add your company as a supplier

Fill in with all relevant information about your company and be easily found by buyers.

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Add a product

Fill in the product form with all information you have. Remember that all fields and all words are searchable by the buyer. You can use up to 5 photos to make your product attractive to buyers. Choose the best ones you have. Important: make it public to show in the users feeds

Messagem Step

Supplier’s plans

Click here to know all the options of plans to have premium access as a supplier, in addition to in-app banners and unlimited quotes in your email.

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