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Sign up using Facebook, Apple-ID, Google or your e-mail. To download the app, go to the App Store or Google Play.

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You can search for products and inspirations on your feed using specific words.

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Select up to 12 filters to facilitate your search, considering from characteristics to product origin.

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Your Homepage is made of search tools at the top, the feed in the middle and the menu at the bottom.

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Add a product / inspiration

Fill in the product form with all information you have. Remember that all fields and all words are searchable. Important: make it "public" to appear on the feed.

Add Supplier Screem

Create a Supplier

Fill in the supplier fields with all important information you have. You can link suppliers to their products.

Fabric Sourcing Screem

My Sourcing

It's your "timeline". Here you can see all suppliers and products you added.

Favorite Products Screem


You can favorite suppliers and products that you like the most and access them in "Favorites".

suppliers-selection Screem

Request a quote

Select the suppliers you would like to get in touch. You can request quotation to:

  • Product supplier - supplier linked to the product
  • Your own suppliers list

Suppliers Message Screem

Send the request

Write your message, send your quotation request and just wait the suppliers to answer you.

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