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Are you a fabric buyer? Digifair Note is the best productivity tool for you!

Digifair Note is a worldwide textile productivity app to ease your fabric, material and trims sourcing as well as the connection with your team.

Get inspired

Instantly upload images for your sourcing inspiration and find new ideas on your feed

Get organized

Organize all your textile sourcing information and link them directly to the supplier

Get in touch

Easily contact the fabric supplier or see the desired product on his website

With Digifair Note you can

  • Document your research anywhere
  • Find products for your brand collections
  • Get inspired by new fabrics
  • Take pictures and upload them
  • Catalogue and organize your textile sourcing
  • Easily share photos with your team and friends
  • Reach suppliers all over the world
  • Buy directly through the app
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Download the app now and start your sourcing today

What kind of fashion products will I find in Digifair Note?

Fabrics Samples
    Fashion fabrics, with different compositions, textures, colors and structures for all tastes and purposes.
    A big variety of fibers with a sophisticated shape. They are very versatile and can be used for all types of clothing - from shorts to heavier jackets.
    Spunbonds for medical applications, good for face masks and health care clothes.
    With different techniques, colors and designs, they always make the garment look unique.
    The comfort of stretchy knits for everyday clothes. They are easy care and perfect for casualwear, activewear and loungewear.
  • LACE
    Delicate and romantic, usually thought for bridal wear, but can also be used on tops and dresses for special occasions.
    Decoratives and functionals items that enhance the appeal of the garment.
Fabrics Samples